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Holding the 1st International Radiation Science Collaboration Center Seminar 2021.03.31

The 1st International Radiation Research Collaboration Center Seminar has been held by Zoom Webinar on Monday, February 8, 2021 at 18.00-19.30 JST. This event was planned as a series of seminars throughout this year to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the IREM, Hirosaki University, Japan. As the first honorable guest speaker, we invited Prof. James P. Mc Laughlin from the University College Dublin in Ireland and Research Professor of IREM, Hirosaki University. He provided the lecture entitled “ASPECTS OF THE NATURAL RADIATION ENVIORMENT”. The lecture on natural radiation and radiation protection was delivered to students and early carrier researchers. At least 160 participants from 30 nations such as Japan, Indonesia, India, Cameroon and Thailand joined this webinar. The lecture was completed with a great success, after getting the feedback from the audiences. We wish our series of seminars could share a lot of knowledge on radiation science by the experts from major countries and provide a chance for students and young scientist to ask questions, share their research experiences, and discuss various issues facing when conducting their own research. The lecture by Prof. Mc Laughlin will be provided as on-demand video streaming in the near future.

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