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Lectures about the radiation 2021.02.12

On January 22nd, three professors of IREM, Shinji Tokonami, Tomisato Miura and Naofumi Akata delivered three sequential lectures entitled “Influence to human body from radioactive materials existing in environment and its risk”, at an invited seminar hosted by Namie Town Assembly of Fukushima Prefecture. Their titles are “Basics of radiation exposures" by Prof. Tokonami, “Results of chromosome translocation inspection of children at the Namie townsman under the age of 19" by Prof. Miura, and "The environmental dynamics and biological effect from tritium associated with treated water generated at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant" by Prof. Akata, respectively.
About 50 people including the members of assembly, the town hall staffs, and other relevant parties attended this seminar.
It was about two hours long, but all the participants listened to their talks seriously. It seemed successfully helpful.

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